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We take your security very seriously and have made online payments completely secure. We process our payments through PayPal or depending on which option you select. You may make payments safely and securely through this service using your credit card or directly from your checking account. Your internet browser will go into secure mode before you enter any personal details. You can check that you are shopping in a secure environment by looking for the address bar starting with https// With the web page being in a “secure mode” all your details will be encrypted to keep them secure. An Encryption creates billions of code combinations to protect each transaction made on our website, so your card and personal details cannot be seen by anybody else using the internet.

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Disclaimer: The Mecham Company does not warrant that the leads generated will turn into sales. Converting qualified leads into confirmed sales is a function of the client's expertise in selling and customer relations. The Mecham Company has no control over that portion of the sales process. The costs for your Lead Machine or Lead Machine Lite DO NOT include costs per click for your PPC ads.